GOA has developed and implemented a system of govenance and management that meets all the requirements of International Financial Reporting Standards. The financial systems have been audited annually by reputable firms such as Deloite And Touche, Earnest and Young and PSK Associates.

GOA has also established policies for decision making and clear definitions of the roles of the board of governors and the directors


The GOA Evecutive Board

  • Mr. Nyagah Boore Kithinji - GOA Board Member

  • Bishop David Thagana – Executive director

  • Mrs. Gathigia Waithaka - Member

  • Rev. John N. Kareithi - Secretary

  • Mr. Paul Kironcho Gitonga - Chairman

  • Mrs. Susan Njogu - GOA Board Member

The board of governors is an independent body that that works closely with the Executive Director to ensure that the Vision and mission of the organization are safeguarded

Each of the four Core areas has a director who reports to the executive director. They are part of the TEAM of seventeen members who oversee the plolicy implementation and the organization's management

Volunteer program

GOA runs a well structured volunteer service program. By the provisions of the program any willing individual is welcome to offer services in any part of the ministry that he is gifted in

There is a wide range of activities one can get involved in :

  • Offer to teach in one of our schools

  • Voluntarily serve in one of the children homes under our jurisdiction

  • Assist with administrative tasks in the Office

How You Can Assist GOA Administration And Management

  • Partner With us in Settling our monthly Office rental bill of Ksh. 38,000

  • Help in meeting our monthly communication bill of Kshs. 23,000

  • Assist meeting our monthly wage bill of Kshs. 520,000

  • Volunteer to offer services in one of our institutions