The Covid-19 blessings

Its now nine months since the first case of covid-19 was announced in Kenya. Schools have been closed for the longest period in the education History of our country just like it is in many countries around the world.

As the children stay home, to many this has been a time to learn new skills that enhance their stay at home while at the same time many have used this time to develop their life careers and areas of interests, these include Music, drawing, weaving, cooking among many other life skills.

GOA values and encourages our children to Discover develop and deploy their gifts and talents to be effective in their service to God and the body of Christ. GOA Kahawa Wendani in Nairobi

Ann can now serve with hope

Ann Njeri could go out as usual to go out and find food for her family. She is a single mother of one. However things are not the same anymore. After the first case of Covid 19 was announced in Kenya, most of her employers who would open their gates for her to clean their homesteads to earn food for her child, no longer opened the gates for her any more. They locked out any visitors from their homes fearing that anyone coming into their homes could be carrying the virus with them.

Since the closure of all these homes, Ann has no regular job to help her provide for her family. Her life became a nightmare not knowing how everything would be. Living one day at a time not knowing what tomorrow holds for her and her baby, she would walk around the estates hoping to find something to do for a living. Many times she didn’t anything and would go hungry together with her baby. Ann is among the many such families that have experienced the hard impact of the Covid 19 pandemic through the lose of their income.

GOA launched the Covid 19 Hope for Nations Initiative on 1st of April 2020 to help these families get food and sanitary supplies during this time when they have no income. From the beginning of the program, Hope for Nations has fed over 1200 people. Currently Hope for Nations has 140 families that have been enrolled to receive food for their daily needs every week.

As a result of Hope For Nations Ann is now peaceful knowing her family has food to eat. She has also identified her area of service in the church and gladly cleans the church and the church compound praying and hoping that soon she will meet here with the rest of the church family members to worship and thank God for.

Did you know that it’s through your generous donation to hope for Nations that Ann can now serve gladly without worrying about what her family shall eat?  Thank you so much for your generous donation, Ann and many other families that did not have hope are now happy. With more donation we could have more families celebrating and serving gladly like Ann.

Donate today to Hope For Nations

Mpesa Till No. 980577  you can also click HERE to donate online

There is Hope beyond the COVID 19 Pandemic

Dear friend,
The Year 2020 began on a very positive and optimistic note, with God telling us to give careful thought to our ways, Haggai 1:5. We all looked forward to great year with so much hope and a lot of expectations.
At GOA Kenya, we began with a renewed energy and commitment to reach the nations for Christ. Our teams put together the plans and financial budgets for the coming year 2020/2021 which begins on 1st April, just a few days from today. Through Kingdom partnerships, we looked forward to reach more people with the Gospel, care for more orphans, build more peaceful families and communities and train More leaders. Our partners were prepared to walk together with us in reaching the nations for Christ and support our teams achieve their goals.
It was least expected that we would find ourselves facing a much bigger obstacle like the global pandemic of COVID 19. It has left many people including our partners and our teams not knowing what the next step would be to achieve our goals. Many of the Missions teams from our partners across the continent have expressed their inability to make it for their annual mission trips to Kenya, which have served to encourage the unreached people groups of Kenya that we continue to care about them. During these trips, most of which may not happen this year, we feed the hungry, give clothes to those at greatest need and preach the love of Christ to them. We, however, are optimistic that God will see us through and out of this tough time and sustain us in our pursuit of the vision of GOA and reach more people groups with the gospel.
With faith and trust in God that He will surely save us from this global pandemic sooner than later, GOA Kenya teams are still focused on our initial plans with minimal changes. But at the same time prepared to work with the worst case. Our Annual GOA International Family Conference, scheduled to take place between 20th and 24th April is still being planned. We continue to encourage our members to register for the conference. The GOA Aberdare Run to build the Dream Centre, which was planned for the 24th April after the family conference will still take place to build the talents of our young people and build the GOA Dream Centre. We pray to God that it shall be well.
In times like these our hearts get so troubled and disturbed. We many times ask God questions why he should allow such tragedy to befall us. The GOA Kenya family prays for our partners and friends and the entire humanity around the globe for safety, sound health and protections against further spread of the Coronavirus pandemic as we condole with the families that have lost their loved ones as a result of the COVID 19 Pandemic. We also pray for psychological and emotional strength from God and his peace to guard our hearts. Phil 4:6-7 “… by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Let This peace keep guarding our hearts as pray to God to help us out of the current difficult times.

The GOA Kenya Team

Its Time to Build the GOA Dream Centre

We are thankful to God that he has given us the gift of a new year 2020 to pursue reach both the reached and unreached people groups with the gospel, Care for the orphans and the vulnerable children in our homes, Reach the communities with the message of peace and train leaders who will in turn accelerate the spread of the gospel. We are also more grateful for your continued partnership and support to help us achieve this dream.

Our teams have already put in place their plans that will guide us through the year as we look pursue our goals.

God has spoken to us in a very clear voice through our theme for this year; from Haggai 1:5, that it is time to give careful thought to our ways. It is time to go to the mountain and bring down timber and build the house for our God that he will be glorified.

GOA will be turning 29 in April/May this year. God has used us to build lives of people and buildings for his glory. However, for all these years we have not built the headquarter church that will be a symbol of God’s presence in our community and unity in our ministries. This has informed our prioritizing of the GOD Dream Centre as our top priority project for 2020,2021 and 2022. We trust God to dedicate this house of worship for over this period. Will join us build this house for God in our community?

Click HERE to donate today from the US and HERE to donate from Europe. To donate from Kenya click HERE and give towards the Dream Centre

Fifteen years from today…

I am Vallery Chepchirchir; I am the last born in the family of five, four girls and one boy. I was born in Kericho County in Kenya. My mom passed on when I was still young so I did not get the privilege of seeing her. A few years later my dad also passed on. I was still very young then. My grandmother took us in together with my brother and my other sisters. She would go out to pick tea in tea estates to find something for us to eat. My elder sister would join her to help get enough for the rest of us. Schooling was a challenge. The nearest public school was a distance away, We were enrolled at Boror Academy, a private school where we started attending school However my siblings and I spent very few days at school since we were many times sent home for lack of school fees, we lost a lot of school days at home waiting for our grandma to find school fees for us. As a result of our struggles my elder sister got married.

In 2016, I was taken by GOA Kahawa Wendani church and adopted by a foster family with whom I have lived since then. Life is better today compared to what I would experience before 2016. My basic needs are provided and have a very loving family. I have been enrolled to a better school. One thing I love about my family now is seeing how my foster parents deny themselves comfort to make my life comfortable with the provisions I need.

A side from my school work, which I love so much I enjoy acting in drama and poetry too. Taking roles of different characters in plays makes me happy. Especially playing the role of a compassionate character in a play makes me feel like I am really helping someone else out of their desperation. I love GOA Kahawa Wendani Church because there are so many of such opportunities and I am always sure make use of them.

I would like to study Medicine at the University Of Nairobi or a broad and become a medical doctor, I feel this would give me a better opportunity to serve the community and other people. I would love to see other children from poor backgrounds like mine getting good medical care and have someone that cares for them.

One challenge I face more regularly is lack of school fees for my education. Out of the great love that my family has for me I see a lot of struggles in financing my Education. I always pray that God will open bigger financial doors for them or bring a friend that will help with my education so that these struggles will one day be a story of the past.

Fifteen years from today I see myself practicing my medical career and at the same time raising a family that fears God and helping other needy children achieve their dreams. Despite my past and current challenges I am always encouraged that God is listening to me and since he has kept me this far I cannot give up.

The Sacrifice for The Dream Center

Dear Friend,
We are grateful that God has been faithful in using the GOA Vision to impact and transform the lives of many children and young people for the Kingdom growth. The GOA Compassion team takes care of the children coming from underprivileged backgrounds and helps them get their daily provisions as food Clothing Shelter and Education. This is done in our currently Seven Charitable children homes. When these children exit the Homes under the compassion team’s care they join the leadership Development team under the Post Secondary program.
The Post Secondary program takes care of the young people’s higher Education needs. The students on this program are shaping the careers in the institutions of Higher Education.
Currently GOA Post Secondary program has a total of seventy students pursuing studies in various institutions around the nation of Kenya. These students entirely depend on well wishers who wholeheartedly decide to invest in their lives by helping them acquire skills that will help them earn a living after school and be productive dependable members of the society.
On 14th April 2019 this team of young students gave the GOA Kenya a challenge of sacrificial giving and thanks giving. The team came together and made plans to give their little resources towards the current ongoing project for the Construction of the GOA Dream Centre, Headquarter church construction. Through their generosity on the day they helped raise up to Kshs. 118,500 to construct the headquarter church. Most of the members of the post secondary team are students who do have a stable source of income yet such as
The GOA Headquarter church construction is our major project for the year 2019.
Support this project with your giving via Mpesa Till number 853725.

Did you miss Celebrating Bishop Thagana’s birthday?


Dear Friend,

March 9th was a significant date to GOA International family. It’s on this day that the friends, partners, stakeholders and members of the GOA International family celebrated the Birthday of Bishop David. Several decades ago in a remote village in Karatina in the current Nyeri County of Kenya on the 9th of March Baby David was born in a family that had no knowledge of the Gospel of Christ. Several years later, he would see the light of the gospel and accepted Jesus Christ.

The call of God found Teacher David Thagana teaching at Karima Girls High school In Nyandarua County when he quit his Teaching career to pursue God’s vision for his life through founding Glory Outreach Assembly, in 1991, with the main Vision Areas as:-

  1. Church growth, to reach both the reached and un-reached people of Kenya East Africa and beyond with the gospel life transforming gospel of Salvation and disciple them to full mature Christians with a saving faith in Jesus Christ
  2. Compassion, to compassionately serve the less fortunate and vulnerable members of our society to improve their living standards
  3. Peace building and Conflict resolution, to pursue peace within the society and families building a peaceful society to further the acceleration of the Gospel of Salvation.
  4. Leadership Training and Development, to help the church embody Godly leadership values for the efficient functioning of the body of Christ.

The ministry has since then grown to plant over 130 churches around the nation of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, DRC Congo, Ethiopia and Most recently the newest nation in Africa, South Sudan.

We have eight Children’s Homes taking care of over 300 children and over 500 children who have gone through the GOA Compassion ministry and exited to be productive members of our Society.

For the 28 years that GOA has been in existence the ministry has not been able to construct a headquarter church. This year, GOA’s priority is to lay the foundation of the Headquarter church at Kahawa Wendani in Nairobi. This first phase project, requires up to Kshs. 10,0,000,000 an equivalent of $100,000.

For the past couple of years, Bishop David dedicated all his annual Birthday gifts to building the GOA DREAM CENTRE.

If you missed the March 9th Celebrations, its not too late. You can visit GOA US or  GOA Switzerland and Send your birthday Gifts.

You can also send your gifts to Mpesa Till Number 853725

and Sing


We will Miss you Mrs Mugane

They call you Mama John, mum, The director Merciful redeemer Children’s home in Kitengela, Kenya, Shosh and many more names and titles. They rightly call you so deserve it.

I call you my Sister in Christ, my intercessor, my co-worker in compassion ministry and the Gospel at large. You encouraged me to relocate from the rural areas of Kinangop, Nyandarua County to be strategically located in Nairobi for the great Commission.

Your words of strong persuasion are so clear in my mind as they were the “Dad come to Nairobi, Your vision is too big for the rural areas”. You repeatedly said. In spite of my resistance to come to Nairobi you not only prayed me into the city but also became the first neighbours, friends and supports of my family at South C.

Your sincere and frequent reference to me as dad made our relationship more than I could ever imagine. Your introductions before your friends that you see Munyiri’s daughter and little bragging pointing at me “This Munyiri is my dad.” My daughter little did I know that from your house to Kenyatta you would mid-wife the birth of my last born daughter Mary Waithira. God is fair and just, just a few years later God used me to midwife the birth of your vision of Merciful redeemer Children’s home, through International Leadership Institute National Conference held at McCarthy.

My daughter, loving and generous auntie, I can’t believe you have gone to be with Jesus and left me to fight these battles without you. Your persistent Spiritual welfare engagement on behalf of merciful redeemer Merciful Redeemer, myself and all those who were close to you is something we will miss.

You have left behind a great vision, a great legacy in Merciful Redeemer Children’s home. You have changed many lives of orphans, abandoned babies and vulnerable children. More than 100 Children have experienced God’s Merciful and redeeming Love because of your obedience. You have left 108 orphans in merciful Redeemer and a team of self sacrificed caregivers and teachers.

We may never have always seen things from the same perspective but what I learnt from you which I will always cherish forever is your humility in coming back to say “Dad forgive me” we would laugh together and move on to glorify God. One such moment is my last fellowship with you in my Kahawa Wendani Office on 11th April 2018.

Auntie you should have told me you were coming to bid me farewell.
I should have been more sensitive in the Spirit to hear you bid me farewell. I thought it was farewell to the States. Never imagined it was to heaven never to see you again on this side of heaven. I can only imagine how peaceful you are with Jesus. On a selfish note please get ready to welcome me home with your Lovely Praise and worship. I hope they tambourine for you play in heaven.

Auntie I know you are missing Merciful Redeemer Children. You probably would be praying and networking to get them food from your friends and family today, but God had better plans for you. You may have gone but your Spirit will live forever in the children you gave life at Merciful Redeemer and through us who believed in your vision. We will keep your fire burning.

REST IN PEACE, Ann Mugane.

Bishop David Munyiri,