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Children Conference 15th Aug 19th Aug 2017 St. Peters' Elite Gilgil
Jenga Kanisa Walk 8th Jul 2017 GOA Nairobi Church
Relocation Funds Raising and AGM 24th June 2017

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Hello friends and partners of GOA, it is indeed a great pleasure to be co-workers together with you in the Kingdom matters. We are currently looking forward to and working towards puting up a sanctuary for God. We invite you to wak with us in the journey. There are a number of ways you get involved in the journey.

  • 1. Join the "BUY A BRICK DRIVE". this is run through our social media platforms, WhatsApp and Facebook. A brick costs Kshs. 100 / $1

  • 2. Register for the anuual GOA JENGA KANISA WALK. The next walk is coming up in 4th March 2017

  • 3. Buy or sell the Jenga Kanisa Water available both on retail and whole sale at our Head Offices in Nairobi, Kenya

Our goal is to buy 530,000 bricks which are set to cost 53 Million Kenya shillings to successfully finish the House of God. Thank you for being part of this vision to build GOA headquarters church and Head Offices. We, however, have two requests:

1. As God blesses you, keep buying more bricks through the Mpesa Till Number: 853725.
2. Share this blessing with others in your networks and encourage them to buy a brick or more.
Know that you have a family in GOA and feel free to send your prayer requests to us.

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About Us

The Genesis of GOA

The genus of the GOA is traced back to the humble teaching career of Bishop David Thagana. Bishop David and Rev. Joyce caught the higher calling of preaching the Word to congregations spread in a global setting without boundaries. The couple, with several of their equally spiritually discerning and like-minded friends, heeded the call and set out to the ultimate teaching profession, as shepherds of the lost sheep.

The GOA Founding Team

From the first church planted at Ndungu Njeru in 1991, GOA embarked on a spiritual trailblazing mission to accomplish the task of being witnesses not only in Jerusalem, but even up to the uttermost parts of the world. Todate over 130 churches have been planted in East and central Africa, The United States and Switzerland.

GOA’s Samaria has been the venture mission outreaches to the unreached, in Samburu, Marsabit, Turkana and Garsen.

The GOA Evecutive Board

On assuming the Nairobi urban ministry, Bishop Thagana and his wife continued with the sacrificial streak they had started with the starting of the Tumaini Children's Home in their residence.

GOA as a ministry has prioritized impacting the less fortunate, most threteaned members of the society and the unreached people groups.

Thus, There have been set up eight fully funtional children homes caring for above 450 children across Kenya. There have also been constructed five schools providing education to over 1500 children from very needy .

The fire of reaching out to suffering children has led to the starting of orphanages like Tumaini Kinangop , Beat the Drum , Strong Tower , Merciful Redeemer , Christ Compassion Rehabilitation Centre , among others.

Our Core Values

These following Core Values are the foundation upon which all GOA ministry activities are built:

  • Embrace People:

    Because people matter to God, and Christ died for all people; we treat all people as His children while fulfilling the Great Commission – making disciples of all nations.

  • Compassionately Serve:

    Jesus has given us the model of caring for the poor and suffering, which we strive to follow to the best of our abilities.

  • Pursue Peace:

    We will strive to bring an end to conflict in our communities.

  • Embody Godly Leadership:

    Our leaders will practice ethical and accountable governance and management, governing and managing our ministries with excellence.


Glory Outreach Assembly exists to glorify God by fulfilling the Great Commission, reaching out to both the churched and the un-churched peoples of Kenya, East Africa and beyond; to develop fully mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

Our Governance Model

We believe in putting as much of our resources as possible into our ministries rather than administrative costs. However, as our organization is growing exponentially, our ministries require additional administrative support. Our head office staff now consists of a Finance Department, Media and IT, offices of 4 ministry's Directors, their Assistants, Program Cordinators and the Executive Director. They are all housed in very modest rented office space in Nairobi.

Our key leadership structure helps us to focus on ministry oversight, vision casting and funding.

We take great care in the development of a clear vision and strategic plans for our ministries. Part of the planning process includes detailed budget preparation. Each project budget includes an administrative overhead allotment of 10% to accommodate these administrative functions

Board of Governor's Policies

The GOA Board of Governors is the top organ of GOA.

The Board governs with emphasis on:

  • Outward vision, rather than internal preoccupation

  • All board members speaking into the governing process

  • Strategic leadership, more than administrative detail

  • Clear distinction of Board and chief executive roles

  • Collectivity, rather than individual decisions

  • The future, rather than past or present

What we do

Church Growth Ministries

Compassion Ministries

Peace Building Ministries

Leadership Development




The GOA Team

Bishop David Thagana

GOA Executive Director

Rev. Joyce Munyiri

Director Peace Building & Conflict Resolution
Rev. John Kareithi

Director Church Growth & GOA General Secretary


Director, Compassion Ministries

Gordon Ayieko

GOA HR Manager

Rev. Phylis Kimeli

Director Leadership Training and Development

Bernard Maina


Mr. Robert Wachira

Chief Finance Officer

Timothy Thagana

History Makers Director

Felister Njoki

Co-Ordinator GOA Maggies School

Paul Maina

Sports Evangelism Co-ordinator

Grace Munyiri

Volunteer Program Co-ordinator

Grace Mwangi

Head Of Hospitality

Kevin Mwangi

Media Manager Video and Photography

Fred Okwomi

Media Manager ICT and Communication


Church Growth

Compassion Ministries

Peace Building Ministries

Leadership Development Ministries

Our Partners

Your Support

You can be part of the GOA Team

Donations In Kenya

Co-Operative Bank

Account Name: Glory Outreach Assembly

Bank Account: 01128008346100 for Kshs. and

Bank Account: 02120008346100 for US Dollars

Branch: Parliament Road


Lipa Na M-Pesa:

Till Number:980576

Join The Team

  1. Sponsor a child in any of the schools and homes.

  2. Volunteer to offer services in the GOA Institutions

  3. Organizing leadership training programs in your region and involve us

  4. Partner With us in Settling our monthly Office rental bill of Ksh. 38,000

Donations In Switzerland And USA

Postkonto GOA
Account Number: 85-484439-6
IBAN: CH36 0900 0000 8548 4439 6


ATTN: Paula Roper
P.O BOX 672935,

Donate online through GOA US


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