The societies in which GOA works are very much prone to conflict and the church has initiatives that addresses the causes of strife to build environments for lasting coexistence. Our philosophy is to begin with the family unit through our families and couples counselling project. After many years of successful implementation, this was extended to schools, churches and other social gatherings like weddings.

Our in house family life counselling programme targets couples about to get married, church members including children, and we also have an intensive peer-to-peer training and mentor-ship programme. At the heart of the approach is the belief that stable families lead to stable societies.

On a larger scale, we have peace-building interventions among warring communities both in Kenya and in the Great Lakes regions. For example, in the post-election violence in Kenya in 2008, GOA was active in food and medical aid as well as in facilitating peace and reconciliation forums. Another instance was during the 2012 flare-up in the Tana River delta area that led to loss of life and needless displacement. GOA sent a peace and reconciliation team to intervene with both relief materials and to preach peaceful co-existence.



We have been involved in rehabilitation process of alcoholics and drug addicts helping them to turn to better productive lifestyles. This has been at its peak with the process of stepping out illegal brews accross the country

Peace Building Missions

GOA has also been part of the big team involved in the peace campaigns in the terror prone areas; Lamu, Mpeketoni and the widespread 2007/ 2008 post election violence. other peace missions have been held in Mwanyani during the 2014 clashes.

Family Seminars

Regional and National level familiy training seminars are held across the nation training couples and family. The GOA administrative regions have been organized in a way that enables them to organize and facilitate family training seminars