Ann can now serve with hope

Ann Njeri could go out as usual to go out and find food for her family. She is a single mother of one. However things are not the same anymore. After the first case of Covid 19 was announced in Kenya, most of her employers who would open their gates for her to clean their homesteads to earn food for her child, no longer opened the gates for her any more. They locked out any visitors from their homes fearing that anyone coming into their homes could be carrying the virus with them.

Since the closure of all these homes, Ann has no regular job to help her provide for her family. Her life became a nightmare not knowing how everything would be. Living one day at a time not knowing what tomorrow holds for her and her baby, she would walk around the estates hoping to find something to do for a living. Many times she didn’t anything and would go hungry together with her baby. Ann is among the many such families that have experienced the hard impact of the Covid 19 pandemic through the lose of their income.

GOA launched the Covid 19 Hope for Nations Initiative on 1st of April 2020 to help these families get food and sanitary supplies during this time when they have no income. From the beginning of the program, Hope for Nations has fed over 1200 people. Currently Hope for Nations has 140 families that have been enrolled to receive food for their daily needs every week.

As a result of Hope For Nations Ann is now peaceful knowing her family has food to eat. She has also identified her area of service in the church and gladly cleans the church and the church compound praying and hoping that soon she will meet here with the rest of the church family members to worship and thank God for.

Did you know that it’s through your generous donation to hope for Nations that Ann can now serve gladly without worrying about what her family shall eat?  Thank you so much for your generous donation, Ann and many other families that did not have hope are now happy. With more donation we could have more families celebrating and serving gladly like Ann.

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Mpesa Till No. 980577  you can also click HERE to donate online