Cake for the Great Commission, Bishop David Munyiri

For the past 5 years, I have celebrated my birthday by designating all my birthday cakes and gifts to funding the great Commission. Last year though the economic season was hard hit by covid-19 effects; you were very generous towards building Goa Murera. Thank you so much for the birthday gifts you sent to me especially for roofing GOA Murera.

Photo: GOA Murera church building progress and the Dream destination

Resulting from your birthday gifts GOA Murera now has more fully mature disciples, who are compassionately pursuing the great commission, demonstrating Godly zeal and transformational leadership to bring positive change globally.
This Sunday 6th March 2022 at GOA Kahawa Wendani in Nairobi, we are celebrating Church planting as Rev. Phyllis Githaiga leads her GOA Murera team to minister at GOA Kahawa Wendani, mother church, as we commission them to go and make more mature disciples.
While we celebrate 2021’s birthday gifts impact, March 9th 2022 birthday gifts have started coming in. This time round my birthday gifts are going to build the foundation and substructures of the GOA Dream Centre. Please help me raise Kes. 32,000,000 for this Kingdom course.