Fifteen years from today…

I am Vallery Chepchirchir; I am the last born in the family of five, four girls and one boy. I was born in Kericho County in Kenya. My mom passed on when I was still young so I did not get the privilege of seeing her. A few years later my dad also passed on. I was still very young then. My grandmother took us in together with my brother and my other sisters. She would go out to pick tea in tea estates to find something for us to eat. My elder sister would join her to help get enough for the rest of us. Schooling was a challenge. The nearest public school was a distance away, We were enrolled at Boror Academy, a private school where we started attending school However my siblings and I spent very few days at school since we were many times sent home for lack of school fees, we lost a lot of school days at home waiting for our grandma to find school fees for us. As a result of our struggles my elder sister got married.

In 2016, I was taken by GOA Kahawa Wendani church and adopted by a foster family with whom I have lived since then. Life is better today compared to what I would experience before 2016. My basic needs are provided and have a very loving family. I have been enrolled to a better school. One thing I love about my family now is seeing how my foster parents deny themselves comfort to make my life comfortable with the provisions I need.

A side from my school work, which I love so much I enjoy acting in drama and poetry too. Taking roles of different characters in plays makes me happy. Especially playing the role of a compassionate character in a play makes me feel like I am really helping someone else out of their desperation. I love GOA Kahawa Wendani Church because there are so many of such opportunities and I am always sure make use of them.

I would like to study Medicine at the University Of Nairobi or a broad and become a medical doctor, I feel this would give me a better opportunity to serve the community and other people. I would love to see other children from poor backgrounds like mine getting good medical care and have someone that cares for them.

One challenge I face more regularly is lack of school fees for my education. Out of the great love that my family has for me I see a lot of struggles in financing my Education. I always pray that God will open bigger financial doors for them or bring a friend that will help with my education so that these struggles will one day be a story of the past.

Fifteen years from today I see myself practicing my medical career and at the same time raising a family that fears God and helping other needy children achieve their dreams. Despite my past and current challenges I am always encouraged that God is listening to me and since he has kept me this far I cannot give up.