Its Time to Build the GOA Dream Centre

We are thankful to God that he has given us the gift of a new year 2020 to pursue reach both the reached and unreached people groups with the gospel, Care for the orphans and the vulnerable children in our homes, Reach the communities with the message of peace and train leaders who will in turn accelerate the spread of the gospel. We are also more grateful for your continued partnership and support to help us achieve this dream.

Our teams have already put in place their plans that will guide us through the year as we look pursue our goals.

God has spoken to us in a very clear voice through our theme for this year; from Haggai 1:5, that it is time to give careful thought to our ways. It is time to go to the mountain and bring down timber and build the house for our God that he will be glorified.

GOA will be turning 29 in April/May this year. God has used us to build lives of people and buildings for his glory. However, for all these years we have not built the headquarter church that will be a symbol of God’s presence in our community and unity in our ministries. This has informed our prioritizing of the GOD Dream Centre as our top priority project for 2020,2021 and 2022. We trust God to dedicate this house of worship for over this period. Will join us build this house for God in our community?

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