Lavish Love, John John 12:1-8

Imagine the drama! At a dinner given in Jesus’ honour, the risen Lazarus seats among the disciples.Mary, Lazarus ‘s sister, breaks open an expensive jar of pure nard and in a lavish gesture of love and gratitude, anoints Jesus in a symbolic  preparation for his death. Did she have an inkling Jesus was about to pour out his own life for the forgiveness of sins?
Whatever the case, and despite her possible  grief, Mary gave of herself without  reserve and Jesus affirmed  her faith and love.

How can you give a gift of love today? a gift from the heart of your own  suffering? Perhaps that gift will be a word of affirmation  for a spouse or child, a small gift sent to a fellow  sufferer or a thank you to a caregiver. Whatever  it is, give without reserve, in memory of the woman who gave lavishly of herself.

GOA was about to cancel the passing the baton to future leaders summit due to insufficient funds to transport and accommodate 200 emerging and experienced leaders. Two days to the cancellation, we received a lavish gift from a couple.
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Merry Christmas

Bishop David M. Thagana