Ngirashi impacts Samburu

A bout four years ago, Benson Lekilit moved from Samburu, where he had was a member ofGoa Kenya church in Kisma, to Laikipia to find pasture for his goats and sheep. he settled in Ngirashi area where there was pasture for his flock. That is where the call to start GOA Ngirashi church got him. His family later moved to join and the family started worshiping under a tree with a few of the community members joining one by one until now more and more members of the community now know God love him and worship him. Benson is now the Pastor of the GOA church in Ngirashi and together with his family they are wholeheartedly serving the Samburu people. As a result of the transformation that the church has had in Ngirashi the community has donated land at Ol Mutonyi area 7 kilometers from Ngirashi to build a GOA church. You can donate today to reach the Samburu through Church planting. Visit GOA USA or GOA Switzerland or GOA Kenya and donate today