Pastor Amos celebrates the fruit of Mentorship

Pastor Amos has been brought up at GOA Nontoto church in Samburu region. He grew at the church from Sunday school into the youth ministry. The leadership of Nontoto church through Pastor Jackson identified his gift in leadership and Pastoral ministry and engaged him in different roles of leadership in the church. He served at the church in as the youth ministry leader and discharged his responsibilities with all diligence.

Pastor Amos together with the GOA Baawa Church Congregation

All these responsibilities helped him grow the ability to care for the hearts of people. Pastor Amos together with his newly married wife, has now through the help of Pastor Jackson opened the GOA church in Baawa Village. The church with over 70 members from the community worships and a tree where the members have are being discipled and growing in Spiritual maturity. Pastor Amos and the GOA Baawa Church now need only Kes 700000 to put up a worship sanctuary where the community can meet and worship together without fearing rains and the hot sun.

Baawa Church worships under a tree in the village