Core Value is to Pursue Peace

We will strive to build peace and bring an end to conflict in our communities.” God gave us the ministry of reconciliation after reconciling us to his son, Jesus Christ, 2 Corinthians 5: 18-19.

Premarital Counseling

We offer a six months premarital counseling to partners who are planning to get married. At GOA, we value strong families since they are the basic building block for the family and the church and therefore we have a commitment to help those planning to get into the marriage institution to be well prepared so that their families will last.

Group Counseling

Our team also assists groups, such as staff teams from our institutions with counseling sessions that help grow their work relations and boost work morale. We also help address conflicts among groups of people from different places such as work places people groups.

Individual Counseling

Many members of our societies go through circumstances that leave the devastated and frustrated. Some have suicidal thoughts and feel like they have lost their value. These include young people as well as the elderly in our society. As a result many of them have found their worth and appreciated their role in the society.

Family Building Strategies

Our family building strategies include after wedding follow ups. To make this effective our teams hold regular married couples events that help couples learn from each other and also grow their marriage. These include our annual Couples retreat held every February and other couples seminars and retreats help in different parts in our regions.


Some of the communities that we carry out our peace initiatives have limited or no access to key facilities such as Education. Our peace initiatives seek to support access to basic Education by members of such communities. Such include, Nkirashi Education Centre in Laikipia among the Samburu, Nabwelpus Education Centre in Turkana and Naotin Adult Education Centre.