She beat all odds to her Success

Rael Eyapan was diagnosed with Sclerosis (Wound on her scalp). The wound was very severe that she was  admitted at Kenyatta Hospital for two years. After she had slightly improved she joined Tumaini Children home in Kinangop and continued with her clinic at Kenyatta on a monthly basis. The progress of recovery was inconsistent to a point that the doctors at Kenyatta Hospital wanted to readmit her for close supervision, an idea which she didn’t like. She also did not want to delay her studies and be left behind by her peers.

Upon arriving at the home from one of the clinic Visits from Kenyatta Hospital, the social worker informed the manager about the doctors’ request about Rael being readmitted. The social worker requested the manager and the other home children to pray for Rael and hope for good news upon the next return to the hospital. When Rael was returned to the hospital the doctors prescribed her with trial medication to see if the wound would improve on healing. If the wound did not heal after taking the medication, the doctors said they had no other option other than to admit Rael.

Rael took the medication and continued being positive with the support and prayers from Tumaini Family. After two months the social worker took Rael back to Kenyatta Hospital for check-up and the doctors found that the medication was working. The doctors decided to continue with the medication and put on hold the admission process. Since then the wound healing improved to the point of it drying and completely healing. During the period the wound was not healing, Rael had a hard time with her self-esteem and socialization because the wound produced a bad odor. Her one wish was for her to be healed and hair to grow back again.

Right now Rael is completely healed and hair is growing in parts that were occupied by the wounds. She is happy and confident and during her final examination in the primary section she emerged number two scoring 354 marks out of 500. Rael is an example of resiliency and perseverance in the face of hardship.