Thank you for building Generously

Thank you for your great support of prayers, goodwill  and resources during the 40 days challenge. Resulting from your generosity and support we raised Kes 3,100,000. Praise God. The GOA Board of Governors has provided the leadership that our Teams much need to realize this Dream. Mr. Kithinji Nyagah, one of the GOA Board Members encouraged friends and partners of GOA to build the Dream Centre gladly. Follow HERE
We are still thankfully receiving your gifts to build the GOA Headquarters, at the journey has just started. Through the Generous giving our friends we have have received gifts of Kes. 39,00o. As we move to the next stage, we are excited to invite you to make a faith commitment to support this project regularly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. our giving lines are open all the time

MPESA till number 853725

Equity Bank Limited

Acc. No :0470294352521