The Turkana now Know and worship God

The Turkana people are among the Kenyan people groups that were marginalized for a long period of time. Living in the hot and dry Northern part of Kenya the community for a very long period of time has depended on livestock herding for their daily primary needs provision as well as Secondary needs, needless to say this is a community to which many secondary needs do not make any sense as well as being less of a concern to the people.
GOA made the first entry into this dry region in 2004. As part of the situation at the time, the people suffered high illiteracy rates with a larger percentage of the population being unable to read and write. They could not speak any other language except the local vernacular. This was among the greatest challenges that faced GOA mission in the region, which was aimed at making disciples of the Turkana people.

Through the efforts and support of friends of GOA, we build schools for the children I the remote areas. To enable the children learn how to read and write. This was however not enough; the desire to read and understand the Bible among the adults also grew tremendously. As a result GOA has started both schools for the children and an adult learning Centre in Naotin village of Turkana region.
At present GOA has planted over 15 churches that spread across the region from Lake Turkana to the North to Lokichar to the South. The Turkana people now Know love and worship God. Many pastors have been trained in the region to teach the word of God and guide the locals in loving and worshiping God.
The impact of GOA among the Turkana people cuts across all the four vision areas of GOA ministry, Church growth Compassion, Peace building and Leadership training and development.

For a very long time the community has been in conflicts with neighbouring communities over watering points for their livestock. GOA has helped sink boreholes to provide the community with water both for their domestic use as well as watering their livestock. With water available to the residents they can now settle in their locations as they fed their cattle and goats and worship in the now built churches. The residents of Nabwelpus village are among the beneficiaries of The GOA all round programs. The village now has the only school for the children, a church for them to worship and water for their daily needs.