Tumaini home is the first of the GOA compassion Charitable homes. The home was started in 2002 when the first orphan was taken by Bishop David Thagana and rev Joyce Munyiri in their home in Nyandarua. Later on after Bishop Thagana and his family moved to the City of Nairobi, their rural home in Kinangop remained open to more orphaned children who joined giving birth to the current vibrant Home. The home today has more than 80 children rescued from different backgrounds. They are cared for by a team of loving caregivers led by Josphat Mukubwa an alumni of the same home. GOA Tumaini houses three  GOA institutions that care for our children.

Tumaini Home

Tumaini is home to 82 children forming the largest of GOA homes. All the children are housed in modern dormitories for their sleeping with premium resources. The children receive all their necessities from the home including education, food and parental love. All the children at the home are in schools around the Nation while some are studying at the GOA schools housed on the same premises. 

GOA Education Centre Primary School

GOA Education Centre Kinangop provides education close to 140 children both from the GOA Tumaini home and the Surrounding community. The school offers low cast better quality education as compared to the neighbouring public and Private schools. With children from Early child Hood  Development to the Junior High school, the children are deeply rooted in Christian values as as they pursue their education  at the school.

GOA High School

GOA High School is a premium quality education school located at GOA Tumaini home. The school offers quality education to students from Both GOA homes and the neighbouring community. The students are exposed to practical learning in their pursuit of education. Part of the children are borders and live within the school while the rest come from the community and come to school on daily basis. 

Through the partnership of GOA friends, in 2022, GOA Tumaini community was blessed with a new bus. With the new bus all the three institutions have been served well. The enrolment of the children in the schools has gone high with more admission from  children coming from far destinations.

Our Top Priority Needs

  1. We are trusting God for provision of funds to buy a back up power generator or solar power to run the whole whenever we experience one of the frequent power outages and also cut down on the cost of power.
  2. We trust God for funds to put up a central administration where people can receive services and where there will be more opportunities to change lives by converting the offices that are currently used as sleeping quarters for more children.
  3. We are relying on God to supply the funds necessary to relocate electricity poles from our road to the proper location and support the upkeep and improvement of our road.
  4. Due to the poor condition of the floors of the high school section classes and boys Dormitory, we are trusting God to provide the money needed to tile them.
  5. We are rusting God to supply the money we need to renovate and paint our classrooms and dormitories..
  6. We also trust God to provide resources for the installation of white board for our classes.
  7. Being located in a high rainfall area our compound suffers stagnation of water many times posing the risk of diseases. We trust God to provide funds for a propoer drainage system at the home.