Beat The drum Home is a one unique home out of the GOA Homes. The home was started and designed to cater for the needs of the children living with HIV/AIDS. The home is located in Mai Mahiu, an areas that has very high prevalence of HIV AIDS around in Kenya. With a total of 33 children in the home today, we have cared for more than 150 children in the home who have grown and are now living independent lives. The children in the home are well cared for in cottages different from public dormitories as the other GOA homes are designed. The houses have a caregiver that attend to each group of the children making sure that they are well medicated and nourished.

Resulting in the comprehensive care given top our children some of our have been found to have low viral loads that may not be transmissible to other people.

However, Mai Mahiu is a dry area on the lee ward side of the Easter wall of the rift valley. This as led to a perennial problem of water in the home, Many efforts have been made including drilling two bore holes in search of water both of which have yielded nor good results.



All our children are well cared for and in school. They receive parental care at home from a team of loving caregivers. They are a happy family.



We try to keep our children well fed to ensure their health is top condition. 



Being in a dry area Beat The Drum home suffers lack of water for regular use and farming to provide water for the farming activities. We trust God for provision of a lasting solution to the problem of water.



Our investment in farming activities have enabled us provide nutritious food as well as help grow the skills in in the children

Our Top Priority Needs

  1. Installation of gas in the home for use instead of firewood. This will help us save the environment as well as keep out staff and children safe from smoke related sicknesses and complications.
  2. Painting of dining hall and children houses.
  3.  Provision of a permanent solution to our water problem at the home.