Christ Compassion is a boys a boys only home in the outskirts of Nairobi city. The home has grown from the informal settlements of Nairobi City to the current premise with good state of the art housing for the orphans. The home currently cares for close to 39 children all of them rescued from difficult backgrounds. Christ Compassion is located in a semi arid area and many times suffers shortage of water for the needs of the homes. However in the midst of the challenge of water the home manages to produce vegetables through sack farming and kitchen garden irrigation projects managed by the the children with a dedicated team of caregivers.



Through the partnership of friends of GOA, the Boys have modern dormitory with state of the art boarding facilities.



Through concerted efforts of the caregivers and the children we are able to grow green vegetables for our children dietary needs

Top Priority needs

  1. We trust God for all our children to find a sponsor each.
  2. We trust God for the provision for resources for all our children joining High schools and colleges