We will Miss you Mrs Mugane

They call you Mama John, mum, The director Merciful redeemer Children’s home in Kitengela, Kenya, Shosh and many more names and titles. They rightly call you so deserve it.

I call you my Sister in Christ, my intercessor, my co-worker in compassion ministry and the Gospel at large. You encouraged me to relocate from the rural areas of Kinangop, Nyandarua County to be strategically located in Nairobi for the great Commission.

Your words of strong persuasion are so clear in my mind as they were the “Dad come to Nairobi, Your vision is too big for the rural areas”. You repeatedly said. In spite of my resistance to come to Nairobi you not only prayed me into the city but also became the first neighbours, friends and supports of my family at South C.

Your sincere and frequent reference to me as dad made our relationship more than I could ever imagine. Your introductions before your friends that you see Munyiri’s daughter and little bragging pointing at me “This Munyiri is my dad.” My daughter little did I know that from your house to Kenyatta you would mid-wife the birth of my last born daughter Mary Waithira. God is fair and just, just a few years later God used me to midwife the birth of your vision of Merciful redeemer Children’s home, through International Leadership Institute National Conference held at McCarthy.

My daughter, loving and generous auntie, I can’t believe you have gone to be with Jesus and left me to fight these battles without you. Your persistent Spiritual welfare engagement on behalf of merciful redeemer Merciful Redeemer, myself and all those who were close to you is something we will miss.

You have left behind a great vision, a great legacy in Merciful Redeemer Children’s home. You have changed many lives of orphans, abandoned babies and vulnerable children. More than 100 Children have experienced God’s Merciful and redeeming Love because of your obedience. You have left 108 orphans in merciful Redeemer and a team of self sacrificed caregivers and teachers.

We may never have always seen things from the same perspective but what I learnt from you which I will always cherish forever is your humility in coming back to say “Dad forgive me” we would laugh together and move on to glorify God. One such moment is my last fellowship with you in my Kahawa Wendani Office on 11th April 2018.

Auntie you should have told me you were coming to bid me farewell.
I should have been more sensitive in the Spirit to hear you bid me farewell. I thought it was farewell to the States. Never imagined it was to heaven never to see you again on this side of heaven. I can only imagine how peaceful you are with Jesus. On a selfish note please get ready to welcome me home with your Lovely Praise and worship. I hope they tambourine for you play in heaven.

Auntie I know you are missing Merciful Redeemer Children. You probably would be praying and networking to get them food from your friends and family today, but God had better plans for you. You may have gone but your Spirit will live forever in the children you gave life at Merciful Redeemer and through us who believed in your vision. We will keep your fire burning.

REST IN PEACE, Ann Mugane.

Bishop David Munyiri,