Congo disaster in the midst of Covid-19

At least 15 lives have been reported lost after Mt. Nyiragongo in Eastern Democratic republic of Congo erupted on Saturday Night. Mt. Nyiragongo in has been marked as one of the most Active Volcanoes around the world.  Having erupted last in 2002 claiming the lives of 250 people and leaving thousands of others homeless and devastated, there had returned relative calm in the Eastern region of DRC.

The lava lake at Nyiragongo is over 2500 m deep

On the night of Saturday 22nd May the volcano erupted in the middle of the night causing terror to the residents of Goma city in Eastern Congo with an estimate 8000 people crossing over to Rwanda for safety where they were given temporary shelters in Schools and churches.  These families lost their homes as well as all their belongings. Basic amenities such as food water and shelter are now not accessible after the community water supply, school, Hospitals among many other facilities were destroyed by the volcano. The volcanic eruption comes in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic when the Congolese are struggling to piece together their lives after the economy has been battered by the covid-19 pandemic.

GOA Kenya invites you to help these families by donating food, soap, and temporary shelter, through hope for Nations To keep these families safe from opportunistic diseases.



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