Recounting the Blessings

26 years and still counting, it has been a journey full of obstacles to

 overcome and uncertainties for our ministry. This journey all started in the remote cold slopes of The Aberdare’s ranges in Nyandarua County at a tiny market, Ndunyu Njeru.

Ndunyu Njeru was where the ministry of GOA was first planted. At the very beginning a small church sharing a hall with a pub and taking turns to use the same facility.

The team that was led by Bishop Thagana never gave up despite the much ridicule from the public because of using a bar hole for the church. This gave them the fire to keep the gospel going and sharing the good news far and wide with the other people.

The week of 5th December to 11th December 2017, form a critical moment for the ministries to look back and celebrate the milestones that the ministry has managed to achieve for the past 26 years it has been running. We look back and celebrate the abundance of resources that God has trusted us with from the lowly beginings when we had less to spend on the work of God. We look back and celebrate the availability of people that are taking the vision of the ministry higher every day from the time when the ministry had only a few people who could not reach the entire world on their own.

We look back and celebrate the many churches that have been planted and still growing in Kenya East and central Africa and around the globe from the humble start of the bar hole I Ndunyu Njeru market.

Today we celebrate the many leaders that have been trained and taking the mantle of leadership to higher levels.

As we celebrate the grate achievements the GOA ministry is currently mobilizing friends in the spirit of Thanks giving to give towards the

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